Michael Jackson BAD25th Documentary

03 Dec

To all Michael Jackson fans, this article should be of interest to you. I also recommend you this fan club website, where you can buy stuff from the star:

Step X Step Dance

On November 22, Thanksgiving Day for us Americans, ABC ran a special celebrating and highlighting the 25th Anniversary of Michael Jackson’s Bad album. The documentary, a Spike Lee Joint, which gave an in depth background the making of the album was beyond spectacular! After I watched the documentary a few times, I decided to just listen to the album the full way through with each song! What I discovered was a journey of sounds so different from Thriller or Off The Wall , that it blew my mind how much creativity came from the mind of Michael!

In the documentary, one of Michael’s bodyguards would notice MJ would write 100million on mirrors and anything that he could view in front of him! The bodyguard wondered why he did this and what 100million meant? Michael’s goal was 100million albums sold, and obviously with the success of Thriller–this could definitely be achieved! The Bad…

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Posted by on December 3, 2012 in hip-hop, Michael Jackson, Music


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