2013 Irish Hip Hop and B-Boy Dance Championships

This post will be mostly aimed at the hip hop and b-boy dancers wanting to participate in the Irish and then potentially International qualifications. However, if you just want to watch the show, keep the event’s dates in your diary!

If you have a crew and would like to take part into this year’s Irish qualifications, Irish Hip Hop Productions are awaiting for your registration forms!

The main crew battles’ event is set for the dates of Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th April 2013 at O’Reilly Theatre, Belvedere College, 6 Great Denmark Street, Dublin 1.

To sign up, you must be aware of the official rules set up by Hip Hop International and send your entry form(s) before 4th April 2013.

You will find below the different crews sizes rules as well as the relevant entry forms to fill (pay attention to enter all information above and below signature). Best of luck!


– For hip hop mega crews (15-40 members): http://docs.com/Q4JT

– For hip hop smaller crews (5-8 members): http://docs.com/Q4JR

Entry forms:

– For hip hop crews: http://docs.com/Q4JQ

– For b-boy crews: http://docs.com/Q4UD

– For mega crews dancers: http://docs.com/QB31b

– For mega crews leader: http://docs.com/QB31

– For locking/popping/ all styles 1-on-1 battles: http://docs.com/QEY4

For those who have already competed in the last championship year(s), have you got any tips to give to the new crews ? Share them with us!

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