About aerial circus silks classes in Dublin

04 Sep

If you are looking for something new and exciting to try out as well as want to tone yourself, then get started with aerial silks! If you live in Dublin or around, there are classes held at 10 Exchequer street, Dublin 2.

For those who don’t have any clues how it looks like, check out the below pictures of duos and solos. Obviously, you do not need to be that flexible to do some nice moves!

aerial silks duet

aerial silks duet

aerial silk

aerial silks

So..tempted ? If that’s the case, the new term will start on September 16th 2013! There’s a bunch of new classes besides the regular weekly ones including:

Aerial cocoons:
Parent & Child (Ages 4 – 7 plus adult) / Saturday at 10:00am
Youth (Ages 8+) / Saturday at 11:00am
Adult 18+ / Wednesday at 9:00pm

Youth aerial silks
Sunday 10:30am – 12:00

If you are looking for the regular timetable of other classes, check the below website link:

Finally, check out their Facebook fan page to see what they are up to!


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