Breakdance: mix tapes and dance tutorials for beginners

15 Oct

After the success of my post on Hip Hop foundation moves, I decided to write this one for break dancers wanting to learn foundation moves.

I have come across several videos from different users that are complementary and give good understanding on how to do the very basic moves in breakdance, including the dancing part called “Top Rock”.

Breakdance is not only about spinning on your head, so if you find this a little too hard, start with top rock and easy steps/moves.

Anyway, I hope you will find these videos helpful:

If you wish, you can also buy Instructional Break Dance fundamentals DVDs from the Bboy World Shop here:

Finally, break dance is mostly practiced on Old School Hip Hop or Funk from 1990s. So, if you want to try out your skills, start dancing on these mix tapes:

You may also want to subscribe to this “break beats’ channel:

Do you have any other mix tapes or dancing tips you would like to share with us ? If so, leave a comment below!

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