Jamaica’s negative image. Whose fault? What to do?

Interesting article about jamaican and dancehall cultures…

Jamaica: Political Economy

A reputation is not an overnight achievement: it’s something that you have to work on over time. Jamaica has a bad reputation, especially for being a violent society and for having loose morals. It hurts.

My wife’s niece, who’s just turned 18 and in her first year at university in Canada, stated bluntly “That’s Jamaica’s culture.” She meant that the image of the dancehall ‘culture’, with violent, hate-filled, sexuallly explicit lyrics, and sexually suggestive dancing, was how many people saw Jamaica. “But that’s not Jamaica’s culture,” I told her, explaining that a segment of the population and what it liked, was not representative of the true whole. It’s true that this genre has become popular nationally and internationally, and has perhaps been marketed for its nastier aspects–eg, anti-homosexual, misogynistic attitudes, promotion of killing, sexual suggestiveness, and ‘blingism’ (if I can use a phrase to capture the idea of…

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