Kids at Wayo Wayo Africa in Kibera, Kenya

17 Dec

Donate to this charity if you can or at least read and watch their stories!

African Perspectives


My name is Nina Eklund and I am currently working at a Kenyan Non Governmental Organization called Wayo Wayo Africa. We are located in Kibera, one of the world’s largest slum areas – right outside central Nairobi.

IMG_4736Some estimates show that one million people live in Kibera. The houses consist of clay walls and iron sheet roofs. The residents of Kibera do not have running water and electricity is a challenge. They have to walk to purchase water and often the water is not very clean. Furthermore they have to pay a lot more for it than their wealthier counterparts outside the slum do. There is a lot of criminality and problems due to alcohol consumption and drug use. Despite all of these issues this is not what I take with me from the experience of living in Kibera. I met people here that are some of the most driven…

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