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Fundraising gigs’campaign for abortion rights (IE)

For those who do not live in Ireland, you may not know that still up to today abortion isn’t allowed under most circumstances. Women are discouraged to abort regardless of circumstances and must travel to UK or other EU countries if they want to abort.

The gigs took place last Friday 10th March 2017 at Sin é pub, Dublin 1 and were organised by Bitches Brew & F-Festival celebrating women in the arts:

The purpose of this night was to fund raise for the Repeal movement and bring awareness of the Irish law in terms of women’s abortion rights 🔥👍. To get a better understanding of what this law entails and follow the campaign on social media, check these leaflets 👇

what is the eight amendment

reasons to fight for women's abortion rights and repeal the eight amendment

If you are living in Ireland or are Irish living abroad, sign up for this petition requesting the law to be reviewed and giving women the rights to abort if they choose to 👊:

The event gathered four bands, mostly girls’ bands playing various music styles such as pop, blues, roots folk, rock, hard rock. I arrived a little late for the event and also left early, so I only recorded two bands but I will share with you some videos of the other two bands I missed. Bear in mind that the venue is very narrow in width, so I wasn’t always able to film from the best angle. Apologies for this ! For the YouTube videos I made, I have indicated underneath the respective bands’ Facebook fan pages if you’d like to follow them.

Which one you like most and why? Are you going to like any of their Facebook fan page(s)?

I will start to share with you a snippet I shared on my Instagram account:

And now full songs recorded or found on YouTube:

These are two Youtube videos I found of the other bands I have missed:


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A foretaste of Electric Picnic with FREE djs competition nights at the Tripod, Dublin

To get you into the mood of the so much anticipated ecletic and family Electric Picnic Festival, an organisation called Banquet is organising djs competition nights with mixes based on hip-hop, indie and alternative this month.

So, this is a call to all djs based in Ireland who would like to enter into this competition and win a place to play at the Electric Picnic, all you need to do is to make a mixtape, post it onto the Banquet facebook page and the 4 mixes with the most Likes by 26th August will go into the final!

To find the Banquet facebook page, please click on the following link:!/banquetdublin.

The first dj night is starting tonight at Tripod, check out this event page for further information:!/event.php?eid=137751936312535.

Best of luck to all djs and for all night-goers, enjoy the shows and the drinks promotions !

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